And engineer is surveying land for construction

Why Do You Need Land Surveys?

Is it even necessary to put all the hectic geotechnical equipment and concepts of soil engineering with value engineering to be done before starting your next construction project? How one piece of land will be different from another and what makes the difference with necessity to even evaluate the land?

In fact several land issues can suddenly pop up meanwhile your construction process. Hence its real important to survey the land before bringing your team on the site or setting up big bulldozers

  • Things might have changed

You may find the land of your dream for constructing your next big residential or commercial plot after finding the prestigious location, but have you ever thought the land would have been utilized for decades or even more and now the soil testing is essential before the structuring work. Examine the boundary lines again as the old surveys may be inaccurate or unsuitable now as per the land condition.

Analyzing buildings or other structures rise and fall. As a professional real estate builder and developer it becomes your core responsibility to examine the soil and land conditions for correcting those discrepancies.

Zoning the regulations shift with respect to time intervals. A place, which is declared residential plot by an old survey, can be technically an area which was newly re-zoned.

  • Unidentified Easements and Rights-of-Way

You may have identified the land thoroughly but sometimes there can be a road or nay other obstruction running down your backyard or near your commercial plot. These are called easements or rights of-way. Any other neighbor, utility company or an agency can utilize this as per the property laws.

For example, your previous owner might have allowed access to your house’s road to your neighbors who may not have the direct access to the road by signing up an agreement. This means he has granted him an easement on your commercial plot or given him the right of-way to consume part of your property.

There can be many such situations where someone else can be holding an easement on your commercial plot which is why it is the need of the time to analyze the land before starting your construction process. Surveys will unleash such problems to prevent you from building on an unbuildable piece of land.

  • Find the Hidden Objects

It is significant to identify all the utilities located underground before you bring your team for starting the work. There can be a number of gas lines, water pipes, electrical or phone wires crossing your land but few connections may go unnoticed. As compared to cost of your massive construction project, a little survey can literally save you from future hustles as well as shower you with little to ground-breaking details about your ground.

  • The Subsequent Step

When you are done with geographical, topographical surveys and attained the required information, gear up with all your nuts and bearing. Start your next construction project without any worries and turn your ideas into reality.

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