The evolving and transitional nature of construction sector requires steadfast and wise decisions to attain ever-lasting customer satisfaction while remaining market competitive. Times Group with its multidimensional skills and vast construction system inclusive of high-tech equipment has achieved undeniable professional milestones.

With the record-breaking Mega Raft foundation executed under time period of a month with the utilization of 7050 cubic meter of concrete, single pour of 3550 cubic meter in 30 hours along with 997 tons of steel marks the grand milestone in Times journey. Contributing effectively in the category of professional achievement, another fastest executed piling and excavation work inclusive of 126 piles, 6 dynamic and 1 load test under the tenure of two months aids as another groundbreaking project for the company. Times Group with the mission of facilitating our customer’s constructional needs has put the initial bricks while enormous gigantic projects are in queue.

Summit Tower

The year 2016 had marked the biggest company milestone with the establishment of Pakistan’s highest and fastest constructed building, Summit Tower, previously known as the Bakht Tower. Covering the area of 736,000 sq. ft with the altitude of 140 M, Summit Tower was constructed under the tenure of 17 months. The outdoor green spaces, lower levels retail areas, midlevel offices and apartments serves as cheery on top in the evident popularity of Summit Tower. In the era of transitional technologies where others stopped by due to technical barriers, Times Group with extreme dedication and knowledge has focused and succeeded due to our trust upon human possibilities.

Reckoning by a 38 floor tall structure with the total area of 736,000 square feet, Summit Tower is supported by a high strength concrete core stiffening the structure against dynamic and seismic loads conjoined with RCC columns and beams transferring the live and dead loads to the raft foundation and ultimately to the bearing stratum through broad cast-in-place piles.