A Message from our CEO


We have been the symbol of diligence, integrity while turning dream of mega galaxy into reality since the very beginning of Times journey

Buildings are built for over a 100 years. They reflect your character. The remains of building lives for more than a century serving the world with its utmost design and accommodation facility. Buildings and architecture reflect our true inner selves and foster posterity. Likewise, the buildings we build are to serve for 100 years or more with the sheer depiction of company’s cultural and traditional values for business.

On the same side, we also aim to strive for becoming the all in one self-sufficient construction services stop with our prominently positive contribution to national economy, foreign exchange inflow and decreased unemployment ratio. We bear zero tolerance when it comes to compromising our ethical and just behavior for business dealings whereas Times Group possesses individuals who are accountable for the maintenance and representation of highest level of professionalism in the diverse pool of services we offer.

Our philosophy has outshined our culture based upon freethinking, next level innovativeness and workforce diversity yet maintaining the team unity. Moreover, the company’s culture is reflected in the behavior of each individual in terms of personality, working capabilities and competency.

We have been the symbol of diligence, integrity while turning dream of mega galaxy into reality since the very beginning of Times journey. Our mantra of success revolves around establishing an equilibrium between significant working experience, practicing modern knowledge, constant up gradation and lastly the apt use of cutting-edge technology to induce everlasting sustainability and environmental prosperity.


I personally owe huge part in creation of a sustainable environment as a responsible citizen to which I believe Times Group and the team working under the name of Times follows the same ambition to be reflected in our quality projects. We all work as one big family where each individual strive to complete the puzzle for other’s professional and personal growth while cherishing professionalism and workplace unification at highest levels. We follow the vision of endeavoring outcomes, which entirely induce sustainability, , prosperity and lifestyle up gradation for our future generations to live and cherish while blessing them with feeling of belonging.


Resilience is the capacity of communities in complex socio-ecological systems to learn, cope, adapt, and transform in the face of adversity.


We work for the establishment of a sustainable and proper environment for our future generations to cherish. The foundation of our business philosophy is our resilient commitment towards excellence and client satisfaction. We at Times follow the business theme revolving around the core principles of quality, time, efficiency, safety with veracity. For the successful accomplishment of these principles, we owe huge attention towards our cooperate responsibilities. With the continuous enhancement of employee’s awareness and conformity for business ethics to become the foremost reliable and trustworthy multidimensional company, globally.

Sajid Ali Abbasi

(Group CEO & Founder)