No compromises on Quality and HSE

For becoming the synonym of quality, our highest priorities lie in the foundation of an ecological environment. Construction industry is full of challenges, to top the list assurance of quality and quantity becomes our prime responsibility. It won’t be a surprise to see a building fall if its base is not strong. Similarly, Times group as concrete contractors has its roots beneath finest construction standards, delivering the best what we are known for.

Quality Policy

We Construct Supreme Quality in the Entirety We Do

Times Group has its policies set around standards which reflect premium level of quality. From getting the best output at right time to enforcing a transitional phase of growth for every employee, we work together as a concrete entity.

Our system revolves around the core concept of producing quality leadership, culture of prevention, accountability and endless employee’s development. Where the completion of client’s needs is our foremost task on the same side we strongly acknowledge efforts of our employees, making them feel valued. To us every person is beneficial and can make visible differences for societal prosperity.

No Negotiation on Health, Safety & Environment

Times Group has always prioritized the well-being and safety of our people. For the development of quality projects, times group has always put triumph of health and safety conditions first. We are not only accountable when it comes to the establishment of a secure workplace but we are also responsible for saving the resources for our upcoming generations.

Our HSE culture and engagement program is specifically designed for the awareness of our co-workers regarding maintenance of a healthy work-place. Through training based on self-evaluation, the program has empowered our people to foster an incident-free working environment and put their best foot forward.

HSE Policy

Environmental Sustainability

Times Group strives to put in force the maximum efforts for encouraging environmental friendly regulations. Simultaneously, we make every effort for the protection of our people by decreasing the risk factor, our nature of work holds. Our business’s sustainability is solely dependent upon the obedience of laws based upon environmental sustainability. We lead numerous ongoing projects to reduce our own environmental footprint via minimizing our carbon emissions by adopting the habit of waste optimization along with natural resource management.

Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitments

  •   Provision of safe and healthy workplace to all personnel.
  •   Comply with all legislative and any other requirements associated with QHSE standards.
  •   Continue to fully meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.
  •   Continue to fully meet the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018.
  •   Assurance of creative and persistent development within the organization.
  •   Assuring complete satisfaction of stakeholders/customers.
  •   Extent awareness about QHSE amongst all TIMES GROUP’s staff.
  •   Precautionary measures for the reduction of Occupational health (OH&S) associated risks.
  •   Preventive measures on the elimination and management of waste for an eco-friendly environment.
  •   Plan, monitor and control constant enhancement of the QHSE overall performance.
  •   All the policies associated with the QHSE systems shall be adhered by the supplier/subcontracts.
  •   Provision of quality project management services via end products.