The Times Group believes that they are adamant with paying society back via effective energy and resource management practices. This focus requires time and effort donations to our society, an obligation to have desires to enrich the lives of people here and around the world. Times Group also shows its corporate social responsibility by handling workers equally for stronger vendor and labor relations while focusing environmental health & safety protocols. This is particularly true of corporations that have labor regulations located in national locations. We feel very proud of the fact that we must contribute back to the community in which we work as we earn.

Times Welfare Trust

Times Group has established TIMES WELFARE TRUST which spends up to 2% of the company’s charitable income. Trust is to serve the beneficiary by providing the poor and underprivileged with advantage and financial assistance. Educational and vocational learning and educational, cultural and athletic events may also be facilitated. The benefits continue to flow faster than later to the poor and worthy beneficiaries. The Trust Accounts are managed in compliance with the highest requirements and audited by Times Group Private Limited on an annual basis. In times of need, we expect the Trust to grow into an entity that can fulfil your needs and become a perpetual source of comfort.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Times Team Development

Some teams deliver outstanding commitment, determination and drive. Politics, negative thoughts and excessive wastage energy are paralysing others. If teams are to achieve their potential and have the expected rewards, recognising and mastering the complexities of team growth is crucial. At a given point in time, we don’t strive to ‘correct’ or ‘construct’ a specific team. We are trying to develop a deep understanding of the complexities of individuals working together to achieve organisational success for sustainable growth as real estate developers. We recognise that actual team building relies on human behaviour, emotion and responsibility rather than on abstract ‘team’ ideas. We provide individuals with portable skills and learning, from Graduate Advancement to Leadership Development, to ensure the rewards are maintained even as a particular team membership changes. In addition to this, we now deliver a two-day Team Development Programme to build the potential of the teams for decisive action by providing the ideal opportunity for your team to learn, create, re-energize and refocus, centered on our unique venues in the Lake District.