We believe that our employees are very essential and a vital part of our organization, and because of this we are “people-centric” in regards to our HR Policy.

Working at Times Group

We believe that developing our employees to the fullest wouldn’t only help motivate them intrinsically but also realize their potential to the fullest.

HR Officer Statement

Through strategic partnerships and in-house collaborations, the Human Resources Department of Times Group aims to recruit, develop and retain a high performing diverse workforce while fostering healthy and productive work environment for employees, their families and the clients in order to maximize individual and organizational potentials inducing sustainability and eternal prosperity.

Times HR’s Vision, Mission and Values

In support of our company’s principles, values, vision and mission, it is the mission of the human resources department to provide the following quality services to the employees of Times Group (Pvt.) Ltd.

These services are achieved through a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun which includes;

• Recruitment and hiring diverse and talented employees
• Salary and Benefits Administration
• Employer and Employee Relations
• Professional Development
• Organizational Development
• Human Resources Information Systems Management
• Compliance with employment related legislation

Times Group has set its priorities based upon creating a strong and sustainable internal structure. Followed by its subsidiaries the company has high ambitions as per the integral capability of constructing and sustaining full-fledge development projects.

To be aligned with set goals, the art of self-assessment is opted within the organization for employees to perform supremely since when an employee meets his personal objectives, he will automatically contribute effectively in strengthening professional goals.

A culture which fosters positivity and team work is thoroughly practiced within the premises. With the provision of latest amenities and information resources, we embrace employee’s different work styles supporting diverse mindsets.

Hiring the right man for the job is a challenging task, we believe in facilitation of opportunities which ignite your inner spark to bring the best out of you. Along with the professional training via our team of experts, for an endless increment in your professional attributes.

Successful completion of Bakht Tower as our first project to construction of 50+ wide-range projects. The reason behind our fruitful results is our honest investment in our people. Provision of proper training and latest equipment to take the lead by owning the projects and developing a sense of ownership.

To sustain as a market competitor in the evolving construction industry, we not only pay attention to details but possess high-tech machinery system too which makes us stand out from ordinary.

The vision of providing sustainability with prosperity and life-upgradtion for upcoming generations to relish serves as the pulse of how we do our business. We invest in our employees by teaching them the skill of developing skills. Weekly team meetings with experts and online training sessions are conducted for consistent healthier performances.

We wholly trust in our employees and allow them to take the lead when it comes to recruitment processes, internship programs and international events as they are the prominent leading faces representing our organization on bigger levels.

Since employees are our first priority and we value their well-being, it becomes prime responsibility of the company to provide an eco-friendly work environment. Times Group strictly obeys OSHA 29 CFR 1926 policies and standards for creation of a non-compromised secure environment for all the employees, sub-contractors, clients and third-party collaborations.

Along with the site safety of employees, the company also actively contribute in providing mental care by simulation training on confrontational situations to which employees may be exposed in the office environment.

In compliance OSHA 29, Times Group first assure the accomplishment of risk assessments for establishing secure working environment and quality deliverance of projects as a framework of sustainable solutions.

In case of any injury, all employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Times Group demands a positive, proactive attitude with respect to protecting health, safety and the environment by all employees, irrespective of their position. The service aims to promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social wellbeing of all employees. It is also concerned with the prevention of ill health of employees, and the protection of employees from factors adverse to health & safety.

The competition starts within, our business believes training and development are two-way processes. We encourage employees to participate and to highlight any gaps in their own skills or knowledge they believe they have.

Training includes internal on-the-job training, written instructions such as standard operating procedures, coaching, external training and courses. The company provides employees with an artistic environment to self-explore and groom their personalities to become the future leader.

Failure is one step towards success. The company does not focus on temporary failures but show concern in loving what we do till we meet the set goals. We work as one big family where each and every-one believes in continuous hard work, efficient strategies, improvisations and togetherness will result in exponential growth removing all the potential barriers.

The most significant attribute of the company is team work as Times Group operates like one big family. Tackling obstacles and creating notable work together makes team members feel fulfilled. Working toward achieving company goals allows employees to feel connected to the company. This builds loyalty, leading to a higher level of job satisfaction among employees while increasing productivity.

The company values each drop of sweat shed by our employees. Taking employees as our keys to unlock the doors of exponential success, we on the other hand put our best feet forward to acknowledge their efforts. Along with endless motivation, the company allow following incentives to pay honor to our employee’s exceptional services;

• Financial incentives inclusive of commission
• Paid leaves
• Rewarding safety and on-site health resources
• Performance certificates (employee of the month/year awards)
• Non-monetary incentives (honoring/motivating them publicly to aspire others)
• Performance bonuses
• Quarterly bonuses
• Sign-on bonuses

The TIMES GROUP recognizes the right of all employees to be treated with dignity and respect and is committed to ensuring that all employees are provided with a safe working environment which is free from all forms of bullying, sexual harassment and harassment.

The company has strictly instructed the obedience of anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures by all the employees for generation of a secure and comfortable workplace. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any employee involved in such activities which can also result in straight termination from the job.

The company firmly supports the ideology of equal employee opportunity to which each individual is facilitated with equal rights as their safety and stress-free mentality is our prime priority. Times Group promotes fair dealings and just environment via our policies to entirely destroy the roots of workplace bullying/harassments.

Times group consider its employees as the most valuable asset. All our policies are based upon our core values inclusive of regulations which induce ethical conduction to be fair and just in client dealings as well as in-house procedures.

We work endlessly on policies which facilitate our employees with an open-to-ideas environment to boost their confidence and input in refining the projects and whole-heartedly encourage their efforts regardless of their position. We are all together in the journey towards timeless success where all of us work hand-in-hand for the company’s prosperity and self-nourishment like a team.

The company further follows up regular activities for blessing our employees with skill of turning coal into diamond and viewers into buyers via our policies set upon client-centric approach.

Integrity and diversification are our core fundamental values for error-less development of in-house work-policies, we welcome employees on-board on merit basis by eliminating all the discriminative barriers. Fables and traditional values are not mere past times but to us it allows the portraying of our culture

We do not expect a newly hired to be perfect on day one but solely take the responsibility in our hands of first providing them with a comfortable and resourceful environment. Working criterion including team work, self-assessment and appropriate site exposure along with expert’s help are opted within the premises for employees to become innovative with their own ideas.

When people are encouraged to share their ideas openly it builds a passionate and dynamic workforce which we aspire as an organization.

The company works on the ideology of ‘working for the people, by the people and on the people’. For continuous and steady progress rate, it is essential to keep a check on all the employee’s needs and pay keen attention to fulfil their rights.

The main motto of company’s working style is deliverance of timely quality based project to exceed our client’s expectation and build long term clientele relationships. Times Group pays significant time in developing strategies to accommodate employees appropriately with the provision of flexible working hours and allotment of tasks which best fits an employee’s built-in skills for minimization of work-place or performance pressure.

Times Group of companies revolve around the cycle producing sustainability via the projects we have been building for a decade. To us as self-sufficient civil constructors, architecture acts like a mirror reflecting our inner selves and we want it to be as perfect as we are.

The company is actively involved in methods of sustainable development and possess a green thumb for crafting an eco-friendly environment to fulfil their commitment of generating sustainability done with Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

The company’s performance is entirely related to the amount of hard-work the employees bring on the table. When an employee works with all his heart and soul, it does not only outshine his character but also elevate the business performance. The pillars of our business’s building are our honest employees.

To stand as an epitome of integrity, passion and leadership, the company follows practices which increase the capabilities of employees to evolve with respect to time. Our standards of leadership are the abilities of the company’s management in setting and achieving challenging goals, boosting employees in taking decisive actions, outperform the competition and aspire others to perform at the highest level.

Times group takes full accountability and responsibility when it comes to the establishment of prosper environment for all our people and clients. The company also make assure about the consent and knowingness of each individual regarding projects to allow them take full responsibility and be accountable of the task assigned as an integral part of the organization.

The company supremely values the contribution of employees while giving most of the credits to employees via promotions, monthly, annually and bonus rewards. The relaxing work culture followed within the organization has actively affected the performance of employees by generating growth mindset and increasing their performance to max.

Daily work updates and employee’s performance assessments tasks allow the upper hierarchy to identify most deserving candidate or team and reward them with nothing but the best as a return of their timely quality services.

Times Group operates on the principles of justice and unbiasedness. The company is committed to creating a positive working environment whereby all employees inclusive of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependents, age, physical or mental disability, and geographic location are respected, valued and can reach their full potential, diminishing the walls of unwanted discrimination. All the policies are designed by keeping diverse workforce as the base to be established within the premises.

We solely work as one solid entity, performing the practices which promote zero tolerance towards discriminative or a negative environment to meet our goal of providing prosper environment for all our employees and clients.

We aim to develop the workforce of the TIMES GROUP which reflects the diversity of the company, and which is strengthened through accommodating and valuing different perspectives, ultimately resulting in improved status of TIMES GROUP.