By valuing our client’s precious time and investments, we offer a pool of services to deliver supreme quality projects based upon our diverse construction and development services.

A Team Of Experts For Construction And Development Services

We value your time and strive to deliver nothing but quality projects. To be perfect in our operations we have a team of individuals who are responsible when it comes to practical execution of your projects. Our construction and development team is further

Since we have taken the responsibility of providing a full-fledge from scratch project, our site-engineers along with sub-contractors have the core duty of assuring perfection in geological inspection, hydrological & dewatering work. Along with the report of site conditions, the team simultaneously perform shoring and pile test work to build a strong project base.

Times Group is multi-faceted entity which owes perfection in all the forms of constructional work. Our infrastructure development department facilitate you with design and development of your transportation needs i.e roads. Our team is sub-divided into parts to serve you in water supply/sewage services to and serve as one window for all your needs.

Having diversification ad innovativeness as our uniqueness, our architects possess an eye for creative flair. To facilitate you with prime excellence of hard and soft interior work in the process of project designing.

All our projects are constructed while keeping on mind 100% accuracy of mechanical, electrical and plumbing work. Our team of experts make sure to facilitate you with a project installed with flawless HVAC systems based on latest technology.

For a construction project to possess greater tensile strength and rock-hard mechanical properties, its structure has to be flawless. Our team provide you with services which assure effective utilization of quality concrete and structural steel work.

Times Group is involved in the construction of high-rise buildings to renovation or house remodeling processes. To be error-less in our services, our tis department is accountable to repair and maintain all the constructional gaps for our clients.

A Team Of Experts For Manufacturing And Production Services

We are recognized and appreciated for our excellent management and production services. To continue the legacy, we have a team of experts which work on the following areas;

Our engineers are obliged to assure accurate production and execution of your projects along with the compliance team for maintenance of health and safety regulations on site. The unit administration on the same side is responsible for keeping a track on daily progress and data restorations for our client’s ease and maintain the in-house discipline.

The company possess a team of experts for implementation of smooth and barrier-free supply chain and production system. Our supply chain officers and complaint management team work hand in hand to exceed client’s expectation while constructing their ideas into realities.

A Team of Experts for Engineering & Management Services

Since Times group is self-sufficient in pre and post production processes, our foremost priority lies in facilitating our clients with a team who facilitates them in the most appropriate manner possible. Our engineering and management service is further divided into following departments;

Times group work day in and day out to facilitate our clients and employees with a healthier environment. We operate as one window operation where our team is responsible for performing effective coordination with contractors in terms of budgeting, planning and quality assurance to accomplish clientele needs.

Standing as solid constructors, our engineers are trained to facilitate you with services for accurate accomplishment of project execution. Our engineers work their fingers to bone in monitoring, controlling and performing operational researches to deliver an error-less project.

We are here to convert your ideas into architecture which is not only unique in structure but is also inclusive of full-proof strategic engineering designs planned by our skilled team for your ease.

A Team Of Experts For Business Development Services

Tines group works as one big family of individuals whose prime motto is to facilitate all our client’s need including completion of construction services to fulfilling finance and other resources. To maintain the discipline, we have following teams as;

To be recognized for our unswerving construction amenities, we have a team of marketing and business development experts who have mastered the art of turning viewers into buyers and potential customers into solid clients via their effective marketing and branding strategies.

Our work does not end by designing your project but we also work to do the purchase & logistic work for you along with compulsory services of general repair and project maintenance.

The company has its roots in fair and just dealings. We guarantee you the construction of a project which has zero legal complications as we know our duty of working as an honest developers. Regular project audits and appropriate handling of tax and statistics are conducted to accomplish legal compliances.

With an objective of inducing sustainability and prosperity, Times group possess latest machinery setup comprised of 500+ equipment in accompanied real estate management experience to construct a life-style cherished by up-coming generations. Our HR are designed for the creation of safe and sustainable environment.

A Team Of Experts For Research And Development Services

Times Group operate in a unique way which is opted by our employees to think out of the box and be innovatively unique in whatever we construct. Our research and development division works as follows;

To be an all-in-one solution for you, our team of engineers and experts of research and development department work together to incorporate innovativeness in products we supply which mark supreme quality and follows latest technology.

To utilize technology to its max, our software scientists work day in and day out to supply you with a design which folds artificial intelligence within along with the generation of software which suits your nature of work the most.

A Team Of Experts Assuring Sustainability & Prosperity

Times group has its heart in producing a project which reflects our inner selves and induce prosperity that’s how we do our business. To maintain the soul of our company, our team works as follows;

The phenomena behind our HR welfare team is based upon utilization of company’s 2% revenue for charitable purposes, especially for the under-privileged ones as an educational and financial aid. On the other hand, we also have events and training sessions for employee empowerment to facilitate our heroes with a comfortable and fun environment.

Times group feels immense pleasure in fulfilling and effective contribution regarding strengthening of social work. Our health and support team work together to actively promote socio-cultural practices via our projects.