Functional as multi-dimensional company while shaping the engineering, construction and management services region of Pakistan for more than a decade now. The consistent thirst of development has led the company to expand its branches via its subsidiary companies. The driving force behind the sustainable progression lies in our priorities of providing complete customer satisfaction.

We are prominently identified for our heterogeneous business nature with our role shifting capability from contractors to specializing in Engineering, Construction and Management amenities. With a diverse pool of resources and services portfolio inclusive of residential, commercial, industrial, educational institutions, religious monuments, infrastructure & town planning, retail and corporate to municipal recreational art, we have spent our roots in health care segments too with an aim of creating and reaching the highest heights.

Times Group follows groundbreaking, flexible and collaborative approach within the internal hierarchy for setting project timelines leading to the creation of intellect and gen hub while bearing zero compromises on quality and timely project deliverances.

The efficacious construction and smart management of our project Bakht Tower under the tenure of 17 months has proved how Times Group facilitates as an “umbrella entity” for gratifying all the construction, engineering and management needs while upholding uppermost quality, quantity and cost standards for our clients and stakeholders.

An in-depth understanding of our client’s mindsets applies to our success mantra of Analyze-Innovate-Construct. With constant struggle of upgrading quality, safety, modernization and workmanship, Times Group wholeheartedly, thank our clients for their unfailing trust and support for uniting with us in the future development and reshaping Pakistan’s urban centers.

The power of wisdom and innovativeness creates a sense of sustainability by eliminating room for errors, that flow in the veins of our internal organizational hierarchy.

Times Group is a prominent group of companies with its subsidiaries successfully functional in field of general contracting, civil structures designing and engineering management work with an extensive experience of 10+ years in construction industry. The motive of owners surrounds around the implementation of quality, which generates sustainability and prosperity. With sheer professionalism involved at every level of work, from site supervision to real time field construction to engineering management processes, we offer accountability with consistency at all we deliver! customer’s needs on projects regardless of construction complexities.

Times Group knows the precise angles and accurate symmetry rules for aligning the future of Pakistan’s construction sector via its effortlessly brilliant multiple construction services.

Times Group opts for team oriented approach for projects as seen in our greater number of successfully accomplished negotiated contracts including the fastest construction of Pakistan’s highest building with several humongous construction projects. Our idea of sustainability lies in timely evaluation of future problems with cost effective and practical solutions. Our trustworthy and complementing affiliations with Pakistan’s top-notch companies such as Allied Bank, Dalda Foods, KASB developers, KCCI, NES PAK and beyond depict our client-centric nature. Our clients and their remarks on our project’s quality are the true evidence of our supremacy, professionalism and commitment in giving nothing but the best.

Company Information

Date of Establishment

1st November, 2010


Company Registration Number



NTN Number



P.E.C Registration

381 / CA


Pakistan Institute of Cost & Contracts



Project Management Institute-PMI


Majid Ali Abbasi

Director Overseas Business

Wajid Ali Abbasi

Chief General Manager

Zahid Ali Abbasi

Manager MIS


List of Bankers

JS Bank
Bank Alfalah
Mezzan Bank
Bank Al Habib
Dubai Islamic Bank
Standard Chartered


List of Insurance Companies

EFU Insurance
Atlas Insurance
Jubilee Insurance
Adamjee Insurance

Group Companies

Times Real Estate.

Real Estate Builders & Developers


Times 360 (Pvt.) Ltd.

Construction & Technology


Times Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.

General Traders


Milestone (Pvt.) Ltd.

General Traders

Times Crete (Pvt.) Ltd.

Engineering Products


KF Management (Pvt.) Ltd.

Business Solutions


SN Entrepreneurs (Pvt.) Ltd.

Corporate Services


A3 Construction (Pvt.) Ltd.

Corporate Services