The Theory of our Brand Name:

We based our Name on Time as it is an indefinite continued progress of life and a definite resource to utilize. We grasped the opportunity to name ourselves “Times” as it deems us to proliferate (grow) in order to evolve and device our business philosophy for exponential proficiency in all stakeholder’s development and recognition.

Conceptualization of a Hexagon:

Our philosophy of brand name signified us to incorporate a logo of a Hexagon silhouette(a six-sided polygon). It represents Universal Coherence, which ties everything together and links everything back with limitless growth and productivity.

The implication of Six Sigma in our Logo

In order to attain continuous self-improvement, we aligned our logo with the six sigma practices as Six Sigma represents the techniques and tools for process improvement enhancing the business processes that accumulate quality in our products and services.

Hexagon & Six Sigma Combined:

The combination of a hexagon and six sigma creates an infinity loop that backs the name “Times” as it is infinite. This encourages us to attain continuous self-reformation and self-reliant characteristics for proficiency maximization and sustainable outcomes in existing business processes.

Characteristics of RED Applied

We used the color red to attract focus and radiate energetic forces as Epitomized by a hexagon and six-sigma emblem to create an infinity loop. It aids the energy increment journey of the company and wholly reflects our company’s result-driven nature to move forward. 

As a result of the etymology explained above, away from the route of conventional processes, the unique brand name and deviant business philosophy were defined at the inception of Times Enterprises, which transformed into Times Group and then took shape of a Private Limited Group Company mothering a number of successfully operational subsidiaries like, Timesrbd, Timescrete and Times360.