Ultimate Guide : Turn An Average House Into Family Friendly Design

If you are a solo player to move, out with your significant other. Your house design can be customized all boogie and classic. However, if you are a family person or plan to become one. Your house designs will transform at 180 degrees. Nevertheless, it is always a wise decision to opt for home decor that has family friendly design. Which holds the ability to meld with children as well as meeting the desired aesthetic levels.

Check out some of the most desired home features, which can mold into your family needs. Ultimately, resulting in a long-term comfortable housing experience.

Insertion of a mudroom

Generally, kids are careless of the fact on how much dirt they can carry via their shoes, which can turn into your biggest nightmare. After having a new place as a young parent. Mudrooms are the gateway to main hall and entry place where all the exterior dirt wipes off.

A wise tip to save your interior décor things from dirt can be incorporating a mudroom just off the entry place. So that kids can put their dirty shoes, coats and even guests can put their accessories hanging there. Without the hustle of bringing it in.

Adding an extra storage room

Individuals or couples do not tend to have as much storing need as compared to a family of four or 5 members. You might want to save your child’s first report card or their first toy even their clothes as a childhood memory. It will definitely require greater space than usual. Therefore, whenever it comes to planning a house with big family. Do not forget the significance of shelving units, closets and even a big basement.

Creating an all in one kitchen family friendly design

Let us quote a fact, with a big family you will be spending most of your time in preparing and grabbing food from the kitchen. An average of 32% of families spends 20 minutes or even lesser for dinner. Even lesser for breakfast and lunch. Building an all in one kitchen, which is spacious for cooking purposes. It allows a gathering point like a breakfast island. Bar center can be the smartest yet trendy kitchen choices you can make, as a person with a big family.

Rooms with versatility to make them family friendly design

With the passage of time, your family needs will increase. For instance, your younger child may need a playroom whereas your middle child may require a craft or study room. Your house rooms must be versatile enough to serve both the purposes eventually as per the need.

With the enormous projects of TIMES GROUP & REAL ESTATE BUILDERS. You can have a house, which possesses versatility in room structures.

Open or enclosed floor plans, you decide!

family friendly design

Families with kids are noisy and require a lot of space for completing daily chores feasibly. Having an open floor plan in your carbon print while designing the grey structure for your new house can be a gateway. For cooling and heating purposes simultaneously adding an architectural flair too. On the other side, possessing enclosed rooms can help to block out the noises. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite show with your kids playing in the next room that too without any disturbances.

Nevertheless, if not all of these plans still lack in fulfilling your home designing needs. Do not worry as our professionals are just a call away to find the best location for your accommodation, contact us.

Happy hunting fellas!

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