Gawader Port Facilities

Times Group has spreaded its area of scope to embrace Gwader’s beauty with immense support from Gwader Port Authority ministry of Ports & Shipping Government of Pakistan. Nurturing the key land features through architectural vision, our professionals have facilitated the Port structures with

  • Shoring Work Sub-Structure & Super Structure of Marine Work
  • Finishing & External Development Pavement Works,
  • sewerage & ewater supply work,
  • quality HVAC services with  Heat Control System
  • Fire Prevention and Protection System
  • Generator System Installation
  • Safety Surveillance System
  • Low Voltage Wiring and DBs installation System
  • High Voltage LT Cables, Panels & DBs Installation
  • Telecommunication System
  • Specialized Installation of Swimming Pool

Gawadar port project has been initiated in the name of generating fraternity, unity with constructional advancement by enlightening Gawadar’s cultural and traditional values. The massive project of Gawadar has expanded Times cliental relationships by perpetuating the company’s roots in different regions of the state via our deviant architectural and civil niceties.


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