The matchless constructional philosophy and outcome-driven principles have been the foundation of Times Enterprises from its origin. Our deviant ideas resulted in undeniable business growth which upgraded Times Group into a PVT LTD company and now we have expanded as a sensational Group of Companies.


Time is continued forever through its real estate management pursuits. Within Space, everything lies, and everything happens within hours, so any business prosperity is directly linked to time. Times is an arithmetic operation that is calculated as the product of two numbers and results are exponential, just like our company’s theory and selected times for exponential proficiency in the success and growth of all stock holders. Hexagon is six (6) sided polygon binding universal coherence core that ties everything together and connects everything back, prevalent in nature with optimum productivity and development due to its strong stable form. By recognizing and avoiding the causes of defects and minimizing uncertainty in business operations, Six Sigma techniques aim to increase the consistency of production. The six sigma hexagon syndicate describes all together and ties back, with optimum productivity and constantly achieving consistency & development to attain constant self-improvement and self-building potential in the market process. Epitomized by the six sigma emblem after internally and externally achieving transcendence, as described in our slogan. Like no other color, red attracts focus and radiates a deep and energetic force that motivates us to take action as concrete contractors possessing years of real estate experience. It is often associated with the enhancement of intense and personal passion.



At the beginning of Times Enterprises, the Unique Business Philosophy was established as a Private Limited Company and eventually turned into a Group of Companies by Times Group. Our philosophy is based on all our actions and decisions that orchestrate the scope and depth of our activities, which is like a “Candle in the Dark” in Business Engineering, Management and Development for every entrepreneur’s dreams to excel. From now on, our search begins with the achievement of imperative management over “Events and Time” in our Company, which is succeeded in our philosophy by the Virtuous Gambit of Wisdom and our Robust Business Model revolves around the fundamentals of civil-system engineering. It allows us to stay ahead in turbulent times of business planning, turning every transition into an advantage. “Time is the most finite resource we have on this planet and once we say Times, then the entire sense changes to productivity with proficiency through world evolution at tremendous pace via our quality control & assurance project management planning processes. House remodeling modifications that take place in just one year of this Digital Age are comparable to those generated in the Analog Age Century, now big is no longer beating little. It is the effective beating the efficient. Therefore, as time and events are managed in an occupation assisted by procedures, output proliferates and efficiency increases, yielding exponential outcomes. This is wisdom’s strength.