Times Group serves as an epitome where technology meets aesthetics, teamwork induces innovation, quality means excellence and customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward.

Times group has been renowned for its diversity and versatile construction portfolio along with its quality standards. From the provision of durable architectural designs to constructing shelter and upgrading lifestyle, our company’s fundamentals rotate around the chain of excellence, responsibility and customer care. Every associated member follows up the fundamentals and reflects its essence with the innovational creation of unique architecture, production of supreme raw material and appropriate executions of enormous projects under the banner of Times Group Pvt Ltd.


Attitude are the reflections of our thoughts. Our perceptions, perceiving power and behaviors towards each other represent our quality attitude.


reflect our culture and religious morality. Believing in our selves allows us to attain highest peaks while trusting intuitions and in-built capabilities.


applies life to a vision. With accurate implementation of logic and sense, any challenge can be accomplished feasibly.


explains the thinking nature of humanity. Once you learn the skill of time monitoring, you can control your progression rate via your thoughts.


lead to exponential growths. It bestows trait upon you of hitting the right shot while catching the righteous moment.


holds essentiality as it blesses human minds to conceive and achieve the dreams.