Fundamentals values and ideas underlying the partnership, maintaining its sustainable growth, between economic philosophy and the building industry. Many main issues are also explored in great depth, such as the time value of capital, expenditure value controls, creation of project cash flows and the relationship between risk and return. Explain the impact on the building construction industry of the current economic recession and hypotheses related to the firm bid approach, providing an opportunity to better understand the essence of inflation in the light of the time value of capital. It demonstrates how the consideration, production & execution activities, expenditure activities, and funding activities of a project cash flow statement can be created. Sustainable building is eventually viewed as an option for the future for winning the space as real estate developers.



An attitude is the way we respond about things according to our understanding. Our attitudes, in fact, represent our thoughts.

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The fact is that there are multiple paths to success; no one path exists. There are also certain aspects of truth that lie beyond the power of human reasoning, and may never be understood by the world, without any justification whatsoever, except the fact that the world is logical, and that what we do not know can only be bound by Knowledge.

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As reasoning and creativity is extended to obstacles, it is possible to convert even ordinary objects.

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By improving the way you think, you take control of your time and, thus, your life.

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What a man’s imagination can devise and think it can do.

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Doing the right stuff & doing the right thing!