In Engineering Transcendence, our perfection of architecture and construction determines the way we behave and make choices as fine concrete contractors. We aspire to abide by the following principles at the Times:

Passion icon


A passion presents you with a motivation to strive, to learn and to strive for mastery in civil engineering projects. Times group gives you an incentive to explore, and therefore to get the fresh experiences based upon high-tech industrial construction that are so vital to happiness. We give you more in common with other entities, and therefore promotes social ties.


Team Work

We at times Group focus on teamwork, a group’s collective endeavour to accomplish a shared purpose or to complete a mission in the most productive and successful manner. Within the wider context of a team, which is a community of interdependent people working together for a shared purpose, this definition is used.

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Competencies have long been used as a framework enhancing labor relations on topics that matter most to a company and help drive productivity management. Times Group helps workers find a common way to harmonise, pick and cultivate talent that can be given by them.

Integrity Icon


The art of being truthful and displaying a firm and uncompromising commitment to strict moral and ethical principles and values is honesty. At Times Group, dignity is known to be the sincerity and truthfulness or consistency of the actions.

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Times Group focuses on leadership that is a method of social power that maximizes our actions to accomplish a goal.


We make precise decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, are responsible for our actions and deliver on our commitments.