Pentagonal dynamics leading towards the decrement of labor productivity for the constructional sector

The mega structures are renowned due to the humungous architecture and design it contribute in the society. But the hidden Construction labor force and minimally outshined labor sweats behind the establishment of those mega structures somehow go unrecognized.

Although the European and American countries have identifying the worth of labor input as well as passes certain labor favorable regulations as an affirmative respond towards the shortage of trained labor ratio. However, as per the believe industrial and market experts, the largest percentage of construction claims are summarized under the banner of unrecognized and minimal labor wages

How do we define labor productivity?

Productivity generally refers to the outcome a source is able to produce with the efficient utilization of given resources. Labors hired for construction purposes are trained and owe significant responsibility in fulfilling the risky and life-costing hardcore construction work.

In actual terms, the term labor productivity is the unit measurement for accomplishing routine tasks in an assigned time period. Contractors assigned the duties by bidding the work scope based upon estimations relevant to the desired labor productivity and costs. Major setback faced in the line of labor productivity is the excessive usage of project completion time by the incapability of labors or the contractors for meeting given deadlines resulting in change orders and labor cost issues. Moreover, there are some factors which must be inclusive and maintained in order to sustain labor productivity;

Unpredictable climatic changes

The harshness of weather and the roughness of construction labor work do not go hand in hand. Months where the climatic conditions, are inhumane to survive, i.e extreme cold or extreme summers. Hence, unpredictable climatic change is one of the biggest cause which is adversely affecting the labor productivity, impacting labor performance while delaying project completions.

Uneven sequential work

Contractors in accompanied with labors are prone to face the circumstances which disturb the sequence or anticipated method of work planned in the beginning of a task. This sequential break does not only disturbs the mindsets of workmen but also adversely their performance and directly hit the set target by decreasing the ratio of labor productivity.

The need for overtime

To fulfil personal expenses and compensate the lack of working hours, labors are often asked to perform overtime at the bait of some additional pennies. The increased human fatigue and additional work contribute positively as the chief factors nourishing the roots of decreased labor productivity.

Limited site accessibility

Only the contractors are permitted to access the restricted sites and manage the performance methods, the limited access or restriction put on site areas also prominently affect the labor productivity due to their limited reach to site areas and several laydown areas.

The undeniable absence of manpower

The evolving construction industries are in the transitional phase of where skilled labors are becoming a myth and high-tech technology has replaced manpower by inducing its virtual world into reality. The maintenance of smooth workforce along with the preventive measure of overcoming work delays, even contractors ae evident how the lack of manpower has adversely reduced the percentage of labor productivity.

A bonus advice for project leads/contractors:

There are numerous factors which are developing and already contributing at its peak in the decreased labor productivity issues. But as the project lead or contractor, it becomes your core responsibility to create an analysis report identifying and addressing the reasons, impacts and labor issues which can become the prominent factors in affecting labor productivity. Summarized and pre-identified delays of work and issues which may or may not be beyond control due to resources insufficiencies can only be rectified if acknowledged and repaired from the beginning.

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