Significance of Mentorship

Significance of Mentorship for Gender Diversity within Construction, Engineering and Property

Construction industries have always been recognized as male-dominate workplace where the ratio of female co-workers has been below average. The current statistics of female civil engineers in Pakistan is 17% where 77.2% hold male-dominancy. Most of the females seen in engineering industries are clustered within supporting posts of HR or administration and not on-site or senior managements. Contrary to previous stats, this Z generation is seen with the enthusiasm of turning the tables and getting their foot on challenging shoes.

Coming to the times of Covid-19, construction industries along with real estate development amenities have faced noticeable change in construction and building market globally. Consequently, recent Australian research on the significance of gender diversity with construction industry stated that an organization possessing diverse workforce cones up with greater innovative ideas, optimistic perspectives and inventive results – the prime qualities required for sustainable growth. Specially in the unpredictable times of Covid, owning creative thinking skills with an open-minded approach could be the most fruitful traits for overcoming the challenges faced by construction, property and engineering industries.

A diverse workforce does not only bring infinite creativity onto the tables but it also welcomes cultural diversity and allows unification of diverse mindsets which join hands for personal and professional developments. The more diverse organizational culture the more economic success. According to globally renowned consulting firm McKinsey, businesses having greater number of female executives tend to accomplish better monetarily. Companies who have larger ranks of women workers are also found with higher job satisfaction ratings among the staff. From interior designing skills to house renovation or remodeling flair, women along with the men together can proof to be a deadly combination for construction companies.

Why There Is A Need of Influential Mentorship In Construction Industry?

Studies all around the globe have shown the benefits and significance of role modelling and leaderships and how it pays a part in individual’s career growth. Mentorships do not only mean a person supervising your daily tasks but an influential mentorship holding the workforce can act as a guide for sustaining your career path and the sense of taking the right decisions by following their footsteps. A decent mentorship allows creation of artistic environment which comfortable and relaxes the minds of newly hired individuals to boost their confidence by facilitating them with insights of industrial workflow.

Along with employee training programs, career advisor, author and experienced construction worker Elinor Moshe has focused the need of formal mentorship initiatives as a growth utensil for freshly graduated individuals. Moreover, breaking the chain of conventional education effective mentorships in construction industry can be the biggest development opportunity as for real quick results there must be an upward acceptance of mentoring.

Mentoring Keys for Male- Dominated Firms

The most important challenge to overcome in male dominant construction firms is the lack of female leadership roles which make the possibility of gender diversity within an organization questionable. Having a role model of same gender makes room fir easy professional growth in shaping the future of organization’s success, since the lack of female role models can be a challenging situation for young ones who have just stepped into the roads of construction line.

If not possible to practice women empowerment solely, construction firms can also collaborate with social networks functional as women empowerment associations. These groups can offer external mentorship training for women along with behavior development of other co-workers for sustaining and developing a gender diverse workforce. By associating with such social networks you will not only allow your female workers to seek knowledge from like-minded female professionals but you will also be potentially lead the list of firms who support gender diversity as a valuable part for the organizational progress.

By investing in internal mentorship practices, even if the industry lacks in representation of sound female leaders. Studies conducted by WIDAC showed among 88% of the respondents supported the need of influential mentorships for construction, property and engineering companies irrespective of gender. Having an approachable mentor to monitor, advice and client introductions throughout the professional journey itself is a supportive tool for the youth to consider themselves as a worthy assewt of the organization.

For sustainable and win the longer run, it becomes significant for the organization to facilitate young women under the leadership of experienced ladies for quicker and reliable results in upgrading the organizational ranks. It will also give them and other co-workers to emulate professional levels and become role models for the upcoming talents. Furthermore, to understand the delicateness and surroundings of site jobs, male mentors must be welcoming and social enough for the provision of safe, comfortable and learning environment. Consequently, industries which invest in female developmental programs will have a superior hand over other firms when it comes to induction sustainability and societal prosperity.

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