Which cabinetry to select for a custom home, painted or stained?

When it comes to the selection of your place’s cabinetry, the hardest decision gets on out nerves of the material selection. Building your custom home can be the fascinating yet hectic and intensely time-taking activity.

The hustle from selecting the flooring to ceiling to windows to kitchen is surely an energy draining experience. So how about we make the selection of cabinetry either painted or stained easier for you, based upon on the following chief factors;

  • Make your own aesthetic collection

First, identify the vibes and aura you want your space to follow. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and begin the hunt on social media platforms like Pinterest, Houzz or even instagram to wide your school of thoughts.

After, making the collection of your favorite cabinetry. You can notice a theme similarity in them. This is when you will figure out which form of cabinetry has matched house aesthetic tone

  • Does your selected style match your budget?

The market of cabinetry offers an expensive stain-grade woof for stained cabinetry. However, the application process of painted-cabinetry beats the previous one with its high labor costs. The process of acquiring painted-cabinetry demands exhaustive labor work. Inclusive of prep work like filling and caulking. Multiple coats of primer. Sanding and additional paint coats whereas high-gloss finish adds up multiple lacquer coats and buffing too.

Comparatively, stained cabinetry has three steps, couple of coats of stain, sealing process and lastly a clear finish. The procedure is self-explanatory in terms of coast as the lesser the labor work the lesser the cost of cabinetry installed. The choice is yours!

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  • Durability or Visual appearance?

The last step of choosing between stained cabinetry and painted cabinetry is to identify. Are you looking for a low maintenance yet high on durability form of cabinetry? If yes, then we suggest you to go for stained cabinetry. Due to its smudge/dirt free texture and the ability of vanishing the repair marks. Simultaneously, painted cabinetry requires more care due to its smooth and elegantly fragile structure. It is prone to hairline fractures with the capability of highlighting repair marks.

  • Let the climate decides

If your house surround with an environment where more than half of a year you see snowflakes. You can definitely go for painted cabinetry over stained one. However, if temperature rises with every month only the wood-grained structure of stained cabinetry can save the deal for you. Wood possesses the quality of expansion and contraction. It allows the invisibility of breakage and fractures. Nonetheless, the smooth finish of painted-cabinetry demands your thermostat to be on 24/7 due to high maintenance properties.

Regardless of which option you opt for after the analyzing your needs of a cabinetry. Possessing a custom cabinetry with supreme looks will definitely elevate your living experience. Moving forward to highlighting the revolution of current era. The interior décor designers and home customization places have come up with the fusion of painted and stained cabinetry. If implemented accurately, the outcome is relatively unique and possesses a diverse feel to it.

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