Corporate Social Responsibility

Having the sense of paying back to the society, Times Group is renowned for its policies based on equal employee’s opportunity. Our ideology circulates around principles which promote an eco-friendly environment with the construction of cost effective projects.

Fulfilling our client’s dreams into reality leads the list of our mission which reflects Times Group corporate social responsibility (CSR). Times Group believe in strengthening of international client relationships along with cherishing the national bonds in the light of legal construction/labor laws.

Times Welfare Trust

Times Group feels immense pleasure and extremely proud on its worthy contribution for the betterment of society, for which we work.
To be continual in humanitarian embracement, we founded “Times Welfare Trust”. The main objective of Times Welfare Trust includes contribution of 2% company’s revenue for charity and societal developments mainly the provision of financial aid for under-privileged ones.
We are also onto the route of organizing activities promoting educational, recreational, social and cultural values. To be legally sound, the accounts of the Trust will be maintained according to the highest standards and audited annually by a firm of Times Group Private Limited.
The time is near when the Trust will be upgraded as an institution and become a perpetual source of comfort in times of need.

team development

Times Team Development

The secret to sustainable success is hidden behind the efforts of an exceptional team of individuals. We believe and promote the culture of acknowledging and rewarding team’s efforts. Understanding and mastering the dynamics of team development are crucial factors as we believe individuals need to be appreciated to allow them meet fullest potentials.
We know that true team development focuses on individual’s action, feeling and accountability rather than on vague notions of ‘team’. With the provision of tech-based portable learning skills for individual growth nurturing Graduate Development to Leadership Development, we ensure that benefits remain persistent even when the membership of a specific team changes.
On the other hand, Times Group also offers a two-day Team Development Programme especially designed for stimulating our team’s capacity and turning cant’s into cans. Situated at our unique venues in the Lake District which offers perfectly inspirational environment boosting teams to self-explore, re-energize and refocus.