No compromises on Quality and HSE

The worldwide construction industry is challenging and quite competitive. We prevail through ensuring that quality, health, safety & the environment are our highest priorities. TIMES GROUP will in no way compromise on these things. We’ve a passionate dedication to looking after our people and our projects and to handing over to the very highest standards.

We deliver the best Quality in the Entirety we do

Our Quality Standards is designed to help us make sure best output via getting it right the first time, on every occasion. It reinforces the bond between learning, non-stop development and attaining fulfillment and emphasizes that everybody at TIMES GROUP has a role to play in handing over the very best standard of excellence.

This system specializes in quality leadership and instills a culture of prevention, accountability and non-stop development. It reinforces that everyone our people are a part of the client experience and that we’re all valued. Every person is responsible and can make a real difference.

We will not Compromise on Health, Safety & Environment

Safety is at the heart of everything our industry does and at TIMES GROUP, we placed the health and well-being of our people first. We’re all accountable for developing a safe and secure place of work and we protect the environment for future generations.

Health, safety & environment (HSE) culture and engagement program. Thru training, self-evaluation and communication, it provides us with the proper skills, tools and behaviors to enable us to keep and strengthen our dedication to HSE. It empowers our people to foster an incident-free working environment and to be the very best they can be.

Environmental Sustainability

TIMES GROUP strive to enforce the maximum efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to be had at the same time as protecting our people and decreasing the impact of our activities at all time. We’re dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment and the planet. We lead numerous ongoing projects to reduce our own environmental footprint via minimizing our carbon emissions, and by way of optimizing waste and natural resource management.


Our Commitments

  •   Provision of safe and healthy workplace to all personnel.
  •   Comply with all legislative and any other requirements associated with QHSE standards.
  •   Continue to fully meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.
  •   Continue to fully meet the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018.
  •   Make sure the Creativity and persistent development within its operation.
  •   Make sure stakeholders/customer satisfaction.
  •   Spread awareness about QHSE amongst all TIMES GROUP’s staff.
  •   Prevent injury, ill health, diseases and incidents and reduce Occupational health (OH&S) associated risks.
  •   Prevent pollution, reduce waste and make sure as applicable measures implementation to protect and preserve the environment.
  •   Plan, monitor and control to constantly enhance the QHSE overall performance.
  •   All the policies associated with the QHSE systems shall be adhered by the supplier/subcontracts.
  •   Provide a quality project management service through the delivery of projects and end products